10 Health benefits of the sea

Going to the beach not only serves to relax and disconnect, but it is also healthy and necessary for our body, so it is no coincidence that after spending a day at sea, we feel much better.

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Cleanses the lungs and helps them to function better: The minerals contained in the sea water help to clear the airways, also improves the symptoms caused by allergies and diseases such as sinusitis or rhinitis. Breathing the sea breeze improves circulation from the air to our lungs, helping them to cleanse naturally.

Softer, Protected and Firm Skin: Seawater, rich in salt, helps to restore the skin’s natural barrier, sealing it in such a way that it maintains its natural hydration for longer, resulting in smoother and smoother skin.

Sea water improves healing, it is one of the best solutions to regenerate tissue, it is also a great ally for skin problems such as acne, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. It is one of the most natural and inexpensive remedies.

Studies affirm that there is a direct relationship between the sea and the mood of people, this is due, according to experts, to the high magnesium content of sea water, which causes greater relaxation, calm and well-being in people .

The sea helps to reduce the level of stress thanks to the fact that the negative ionization of the breeze causes serotonin levels to increase, thereby reducing anxiety and stress.

The effect of the sea is good for our mind because both the sound of the waves and the moving water involve our five senses. Its sound, so soft and rhythmic, favors our ears to capture the auditory sensation.

In this state of peace we enter into a natural meditation. Meditating in front of the sea is beneficial for the body and for the brain that expands and empties. The sea helps concentration and the reduction of anxiety.

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It acts as a muscle relaxant: iodine promotes recovery from certain injuries, while floating in the sea or swimming in the waves relaxes muscles. It is ideal for those who are doing rehabilitation or post operative treatments.

The sea activates blood circulation: This is because, when we go into the water, there is a difference in pressure between the part of our body that is submerged and that which remains outside. The cold temperature of the waves in contrast to the heat caused by the sun on our skin favors venous return.

It also increases the levels of melatonin, the hormone that intervenes in the sleep cycle. Sea water contains high levels of melanin and that is why it is excellent in this process because it contributes to falling asleep more easily and effectively.