11 Reasons to enjoy Sailing Holidays and Rent the Boat of your Dreams

When sunny days approach, we usually plan our vacation by renting an apartment or a house with family or friends, or also by booking a hotel. Today, we have tools that allow us to compare prices and opinions.

However, boat rental is not yet a widespread custom. Many think it is still inaccessible. But today, it has never been so easy and achievable to enjoy a boat holiday.

HostandBoat explains why you must rent a boat for your vacation at 11 points!

1.You can rent a boat with very attractive prices

  1. Indeed, you are not obliged to own or be friends with a rich and generous navigator to give you the luxury of a boat trip! Now, you can rent a boat at a cheap price.

2. You can compare the prices

  1. As for hotels, all offers are gathered and visible on the internet. So you have the possibility to compare prices, opinions … for a boat in the Greek Islands, Ibiza, Angra dos Reis, the Caribbean, Italy, Croatia, Polynesia, hundreds of wonderful destinations. There is no easier. You just need to filter your desires: the destination, your dates, the number of people, if you need crew on board or not … Easy enough to choose a hotel.


  1.  You will never be so close to the sea

    During the holidays, we always try to make the least possible and book a hotel near the beach but, in reality, you will never be so close to the sea than with a boat. You will wake up in the sea surrounded by crystal clear water and fish, and also turtles and sea stars.

  1. You will have access to the most beautiful coves, beaches and bays

    Browse allows you to reach inaccessible places. You can also go to the tourist beaches, full of people and music, if that’s what you like. And if you want a space to relax, you can go to exclusive coves inaccessible from land, deserted beaches, with privacy, calm incredible scenarios for you.


alquilar un barco en grecia

5. An exceptional view from your room

  1. On board the boat, the view will surprise you as you choose where to anchor! Indeed, you can anchor in front of the sunset or settle next to a romantic bay. You can also find nice neighbors to chat with or walk away to make the party without the noise disturbing someone. Total, endless possibilities.

  1. You can enjoy sailing

Sailing, feeling floating on water, a feeling of total freedom. In addition, it allows you to break the routine and the increasing pressure of professional life. So, why not try this unique and original experience? Be careful, in many cases, it generates addiction!

  1. Now it is very easy to rent a boat

To rent a boat, it is not difficult or complicated. You do not need to know how to navigate, you can rent the boat with a crew who will take you to visit the most beautiful places and make sure everything is in order. Then, HostandBoat takes care of everything. In addition, we have special offers, discounts in summer, minute, etc.

If you know how to navigate, presenting a nautical license you can rent the boat of your dreams at very affordable prices. That you look for photos or videos on social networks and nautical magazines.

alquiler de barco hostandboat

8. An original and innovative program for children and adults

  1. Going on a boat holiday is an incredible opportunity for children and adults. There are so many things to learn about the sea, the phenomena, the inhabitants … You will have the possibility to choose where you want to go and share unique moments with your family. Take advantage of the days from start to end. Those who like to get up early, swimming or diving at the beginning of the day, when the movement has not yet begun, that time when the turtles and fish are still visible.

    And those who enjoy the starry nights on deck, contemplating the sky from an exclusive box.


The days aboard a ship are relaxed, and each one finds their favorite space and activity. While some swim or snorkel, others walk on the white sand or paddle on a stand-up paddle, and others prefer to sunbathe or read a book. And everything that is done, from sunrise to starry night, is in the middle of the natural setting chosen every day.

9. Nights with all the comforts

  1. Unlike preconceived ideas, sleeping on a boat is not uncomfortable. Many say that the movement of the waves is beneficial, I assure you that you can sleep as a baby sleeps, rocking his crib. As for hotels, you will find spacious, luxurious, traditional or modern boats.

  1. A practical, comfortable and complete trip

A ship is at the same time a means of transport and a houseboat. If you want to visit several places or different islands for example, you do not have to change your hotel, or pack your bag 10 times during your stay, contact transport agencies or buy several train or bus tickets, rent a car, wait … You travel with your accommodation but without the traffic jams.

You see? Renting a boat with or without crew is not complicated and is an original idea to get out of obligations and commitments and leave stress and worries on the ground. And everyone has access, because there are for all budgets.


  1. Your vacation time yields more

Staying on board, you enjoy your rest without wasting time on transfers, hotel changes or assembling and disassembling luggage every day. Take advantage of the days from start to end.

Sailing is available to everyone, don’t miss it!


¡Navegar está al alcance de todos, no te lo pierdas!