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Written on 10 January, 2022 in On board diary

The phenomena that take place in the ocean, whether of physical-chemical or biological origin, have always given free rein to people’s imagination; at all times and in all places they have been the subject of the most fantastic interpretations. For this reason, there are many contradictions about the different marine legends and beliefs. Sinc...

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Experiences away from the crowd: Your new way to a safe vacation with the Airbnb of the boats

Are you bored of the restrictions and the routine that the pandemic forced us to have? The current situation of the pandemic made us obliged to stay away from the crowds, but many times we find ourselves lost about where to go. In today’s blogs, we will suggest the best destinations where you can have...

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Seychelles: The African bride in the Airbnb of the Boats

Right near Comoros, Madagascar and Mauritius, we find this charming bride called Seychelles. Officially called The Republic of Seychelles, this hidden paradise has a total of 115 islands. In today’s blog we are going to guide you through your next trip to Seychelles. What to do in Seychelles: Sunbathing Since Seychelles ...

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Sustainable tourism: Your new way for an ecofriendly vacation

Sustainable tourism by definition is a tourism that takes into account full responsibility of economic, social and environmental impacts. It is also the responsibility of visitors as well as host communities. Sustainable tourism involves many aspects such transportation for example. In this blog we will talk to you about how to achieve a sustainabl...

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