Roatan is an island in Honduras. It is the largest of the Bay Islands. Currently, it is on all the lists of the best beaches in the world, competing with paradises around the world. Since 2008 it is considered Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Roatan has a tropical climate all year round, which makes any time an ideal time to visit. Its soft sandy beaches -which do not burn your feet-, transparent and calm but very blue waters… you will be mesmerized by the views!

Coral reef

As we already mentioned in our blog (link to post curiosities of the Caribbean), the second largest barrier reef in the world is located on its coasts, immediately after the Australian. Normally, the reefs are usually much farther from the coast, in fact it is necessary to go by boat. In this paradise, one of the coral reefs is less than 10 meters.

They offer diving courses at different prices and levels, although they are still very affordable, since professional equipment is used.

In this case, we can even share the session with a very special companion: sea turtles.

Showbiz world

This special spot is chosen by celebrities from all over the world to rest and disconnect, such as Richard Gere, Cameron Dias, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bustamante, Julio Iglesias… At HostandBoat we understand them perfectly. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy sunsets like this one?

It is also the place where many TV shows are filmed, such as Survivor or The Last Survivor.



The people of the island speak English very well due to British colonisation, but Spanish is also widely spoken. Their culture is a beautiful blend of African, English and mixed culture. This makes it a very rich people.

The Garifuna or Black Indians live here, descendants of slaves who arrived on the island in a curious way: by drowning the ship that was carrying them. From there they came to this part of the Caribbean and, over the years, became one with the local people. They have music, culture and traditions worth living.

As you can see, Roatan is paradise. And we don’t say it from HostandBoat, but hundreds of rankings and anyone who has decided to spend a few days here. The ideal way to get to know this destination is by boat. It will allow you to organise your route at your own pace, with your own schedule and independence from the rest of the resort tourists.

Go to and plan the trip of your dreams in the best and, of course, the safest way. And if you have any questions… write to us!

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