The Galapagos Islands are literally the best islands in South America that you should definitely consider visiting!

These islands are the perfect destination for nature, beach and animals lovers. You will have access to great beaches, breathtaking natural spots and get to meet different lovely animals.

In the Galapagos there are many things you can do, some of which we are going to mention below:

Go on board in Galapagos

One of the most recommended activities to do once in Galapagos is to go on board. Visiting Galapagos on a boat will give you the chance to discover its different islands easily and beautifully! Also, you get to see different species on your trip on board!

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Sleep on board in Galapagos

Another beautiful experience you can have while in Galapagos is to experience sleeping on board in the middle of its beautiful beaches. An experience that will undoubtedly give you a high feeling of relaxation!

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Go snorkeling in Galapagos


This is one of the most important activities to do in these beautiful Islands.

What else can make your trip different and unique other than getting into the water and discover the diversity of Galapagos from a different angle!

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Go see giant turtles in Galapagos

As we mentioned before, Galapagos is full of different animals and species that you definitely will enjoy seeing, the giant turtles are one of them.

These turtles are as tall as you are!

While going on your trip on a boat, you can stop at many research centers where you can see these beautiful creatures such as Charles Darwin Research Center on Santa Cruz Island.

What to Visit  in Galapagos : the Wall of Tears

Panga ride at the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

The wall of Tears or as it is called in Spanish, ‘El muro de laslagrimas ‘ is one of the places you need to visit if you are interested in history since it is an important historical site in Galapagos.

The government used to send prisoners there to collect volcanic rocks.

Surf on San Cristobal Island

Since many islands of Galapagos are not allowed for tourists to Surf on, the Cristobal Island is considered as the best one for this activity.

We are going surfing on Cristobal Island, Do you want to join us?

These are just some of the activities you can do in Galapagos, remember you can do much more once in there!

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