If I ask you what is the number one reason you are planning vacations? Your answer will probably be: To de-stress and recharge.


However, sometimes poor planning can make you feel more stressed and tired after coming back from a trip.

Stress free vacation may seem hard to achieve, but don’t worry, it’s not impossible.

Do you want to know why? Read the following steps!

Plan a flexible schedule

It’s good to have all the activities to do planned, but it is important to have a relaxed schedule as well. Over planning activities and not having much free time can be a big source of stress during vacations. For instance, if unexpected delays popped up, or if you discover new activities to do, but you have already over-scheduled!


Plan your budget

Having in mind the approximate amount of money needed for your trip, will save you from a lot of stress that may come your way.

Accommodation, transportation and all the other expenses that will take place during the trip, need to be thought of. If you plan your next vacation with our Airbnb boat for example, you won’t need much thinking, as it is a two in one, both transportation and accommodation! You can check the following link: https://www.hostandboat.com/es/experiencia/alquiler-de-barco-en-cerdegna/307/

Avoid over-packing

Packing lightly can take a lot of stress off your shoulders, as people tend to pack a lot and use very little of their luggage. That’s why, going on vacation on a private boat would be the best option for you. You want to know why? You will only need the following few things:

  1. A bag with essentials for sunbathing: sunscreen, sunglasses, diving goggles and ear plugs.
  2. Suitcases or sports bags will be a good option for you. No rigid suitcases.
  3. ANTICOVID KIT: Don’t forget your mask and hydroalcoholic gel.
  4. Documentation: Don’t forget your documentation especially when travelling abroad.


Bringing a relaxed mind set with you is one of the most important things to do in order to achieve a stress free vacation. Don’t stress over unexpected things that may happen, focus on the things you can control.

Book your trip with HostandBoat

The advantage of booking a trip with HostandBoat is that we take all your stress away! You have your accommodation and transportation, you get to discover many destinations, you get to relax and live an outstanding sailing experience!

Let the rhythmic movements of HostandBoat take you away from all the stress!


So, what are you waiting for to book your next trip with us? We are your remedy for a stress free vacation!

In HostandBoat, we have more than 10,000 accommodations in the sea in 120 different destinations.

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