Do you want to go sailing in your boat?


If you’ve never sailed a boat without a license, the concept is simple. At Hostandboat we are going to provide you with the boat, so you can enjoy your vacation, you will be the owner of your vacation! It is you who will choose the different stages of your boat. The only condition will be to return the boat to the date and the base stipulated in the rental contract.


Can anyone rent a boat?


No experience or license is required.

Very few clients had boarded a ship before choosing this type of vacation. However, they quickly realized how simple it was to drive one of our boats. All members of the bases will explain (and show you) everything you need to know and give you a navigation instruction so that you can leave with confidence.

To give you an idea of ​​what awaits you, we suggest you watch our online videos: navigation tips, passage of the locks, etc.


What to do during my boat vacation?

A boat cruise allows you to enjoy your vacation without having a planned route or a program, you can do what you want, stop where and when you want. Cook and dine on board or discover one of the charming restaurants along the waterways.


Boat vacations are fun and a great way to relax, you’ll slow down and enjoy everything around you while having a good cocktail. Boat holidays offer you a different perspective on the surrounding flora and fauna. and takes you to the heart of exceptional cities and towns.


The most important thing is that you can create your own vacations, tranquility, culture, adventure, or gastronomy… you decide! Don’t worry, visit our page “Hostandboat” and you will see that in a few clicks you will know where to go for your next vacation. You may even decide to go with the whole family!


How to plan my boat holidays?

You have decided to book your next vacation aboard a Hostandboat! But you don’t know how to plan your getaway? Don’t worry … organizing a boat vacation is very simple … Follow the next three steps and you will be ready for an unforgettable experience!


1- Choose your destination

You will undoubtedly find the destination that meets your expectations. See our destinations to discover all our sailing regions.

2- Choose your boat

Whether you go with your partner, or with friends, our fleet allows us to propose ideal boats for all types of crew and especially boats for all budgets. Discover the complete list of our boats