Located right next to each other, at the Mediterranean Sea we find two Spanish Islands that are literally heaven on earth.

In this blog, we will help you plan your next trip to Ibiza and Formentera with the Airbnb of the Boats in the right way.

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What to do in Ibiza: Enjoy the amazing nightlife

Ibiza is really famous for its banging nightlife that will give nothing but good and positive vibes that you can enjoy and can make your trip full of energy.

Where to enjoy Ibiza: The incredible beaches

As we all know, Ibiza’s beaches are a must with their golden sands and their crystal clear water.

The best option to enjoy Ibiza’s beaches is on board. Your next sailing experience will be undoubtedly unique in Ibiza.

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How to enjoy Ibiza: Scuba diving with dolphins

One of the most recommended activities is scuba diving with dolphins.

In Ibiza there are many diving spots where you can enjoy this activity.

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More than all of this, another reason why Ibiza is a great destination is its neighbor Island: Formentera.


Formentera is considered as a little hidden heaven in the Mediterranean Sea.

Why to visit Formentera: The natural beauty

One of the reasons Formentera should be on your list, is its breathtaking natural beauty.

With the same amazing crystal clear water and golden sands, Formentera is a great choice for your next sailing holidays.

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 Where to escape the crowds: Formentera

Another advantage of this destination, is escaping the crowds.

Did you know that nowadays, holidays on a boat are considered the safest way of spending holidays?

Get on board to stay safe and happy while enjoying the amazing Formentera.


The best way to enjoy these Spanish paradises are at the heart of the sea.

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