As we all know, Indonesia is very famous for its magnificent islands, but Komodo Islands are literally one of the best ones that Indonesia has to offer.

Only one hour flight from Bali, you will find yourself at the heart of this beauty.

Today we will walk you through this treasure called Komodo, and we will be your guide for your next sailing holidays there!

What to do in Komodo: Go on a boat trip

One of the most famous activities and most recommended one to do once in Komodo is to take a tour around the Islands on a boat in order to discover its beauty and charm.

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Walk on a Sandbar

While enjoying the rhythm of waves on your boat, a beautiful white sand island will pop up in the middle of nowhere that you can enjoy. In Komodo there are many lovely sandbanks that will surely make your sailing experience better!

What to see in Komodo: The Komodo Dragon

The Komodo Islands and Komodo National Park are famous thanks to this Dragon, since the biggest lizard in the world lives only in the Komodo National Park in Indonesia. Watch out dear reader, they are as dangerous as you can imagine!

Where to stay in Komodo: Airbnb of the boats

Spending nights on a boat, waking up in the middle of the sea, being surrounded by locals is considered as one of the most preferable experiences of Komodo visitors.

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Visit Komodo Village

Despite the breathtaking sailing experiences you will have in Komodo, visiting the village and meeting the friendly locals is a must too once there.

The pink beach: your unique experience

Wandering in this beautiful pink beach is definitely something to add to the list.

The combination of the lovely pink color of the sand with the turquoise water makes you wonder whether you are on earth or on heaven.

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Mesmerizing experience: Sunrise on a boat

What other way could be better to wake up in Komodo than waking up on a boat, floating with waves and watching sunrise?

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The sea has always been the best option for relaxing holidays, in Komodo Islands you can have both relaxing and unique holidays.

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