Miami is a city in the state of Florida. It is the seat or administrative centre of Miami-Dade County, and according to the United Nations it is “the ninth largest metropolitan area in the country”.

We have all fantasised at some time, thanks to the many films and series shot in this city, about unwinding on one of its beaches and strolling under palm trees in the summer sun. And… what’s the point of kidding ourselves, we also want to party, and Miami’s clubs are world famous.


In this article, we’ll tell you about the most interesting places to see in Miami, what to do there and interesting facts about the city to help you organise the trip of your dreams.


Beaches are Miami’s main attraction. The most famous is South Beach, which is said to be an area that epitomises the quintessential Miami stereotype and lifestyle.


South Beach

South Beach is located on Ocean Drive. In this area, the art deco style is still a trend today, as there are more than 800 buildings built with this aesthetic between the 1930s and 1940s. This area also brings to life the Miami stereotype: people skateboarding in the streets, clubs where the party never ends, flamingos, neon lights, shops…. You can’t miss it!


Little Havana

It is a Cuban neighbourhood which is another of the areas that make Miami famous all over the world. It is a place to get to know on foot to soak up the atmosphere, the culture, the life and the Cubans who live in the neighbourhood. It is a magical and colourful place that is not to be missed.


Design District

For a change of scene, we recommend a visit to the Design District: an area of Miami where design, art, fashion and luxury are key. Luxury shops, exhibitions, strolls through the gardens… one of the coolest areas in the city without a doubt.


TV and cinema

Some like it hot. Wikipedia.

It has been, is and will be the setting for numerous stories of all kinds. Some like it hot, starring Marilyn Monroe, was filmed in Miami. The film was released in 1959, and shows very well the life and aesthetics of the city in the middle of the century. A hilarious film that the whole family will love and whose main character is music.


Scarface. Wikipedia.

Another famous film shot in Miami is Scarface (1983) starring Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer among other well-known names. It tells the story of Tony Montana, a Cuban who leads a drug empire. It is said to be one of the best crime movies ever. What do you think?


CSI Miami.

CSI: Miami es otra de las series más populares grabadas allí. Es una serie policíaca que se centra en el trabajo del Laboratorio Criminalístico del condado de Miami-Dade.


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