Nowadays, planning for trips has become difficult especially when thinking weither or not is safe to travel during corona virus times.

Good news for you, yes you can travel as long as you do it safely.

We prepared for you tips and steps to follow in order to have a Safecation, keep reading!


How to choose your destination

First thing to think of while planning a safecation is to know where to go.

First, check all the restrictions in the destination you wish to visit.

Second, check the number of cases in the desired destination, are they increasing or not?

Last, check the quarantine rules, because there are some countries who expect you to be in quarantine for two weeks upon arrival.


How to choose your transportation mode

By which transportation you decide to travel, can play an important role in your safecation.

The best way to travel around and to spend holidays would be by boat.

Traveling by private boats gives you the possibility to be with as less people as you desire and you have more control in your personal space!

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Another good transportation mode would be by plane, in case you are traveling to a far destination.

How to get your accommodation: Airbnb of the boats

Hotels and home rentals are considered of high risk for coronavirus transmission.

This is why, sleeping on board is the best option for you! It is both a safe and a unique experience!

Also, it gives you both a safecation and a staycation!

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What is the best place to go on for a safecation: Beaches

Beaches are consider as the best option for a relaxing and safe holidays!

Since they are outdoors, with much space with social distance can be held easily, especially in hidden beaches that not everyone can reach!

For that, you can also rent a boat and  have an amazing sailing experience while insuring your safety!


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These were some tips in order to enjoy your holidays and at the same time have a safecation!

The best way to travel nowadays is to do it safely, remember that the pandemic can’t forbid you from having fun as long as it is in a safe way!

And remember, with us you will always be safe dear reader!

So, are you going to take into consideration these tips when traveling next time? Write us!

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