At Hostandboat we tell you how to navigate in a sustainable way.


Here are some tips for you to navigate in a sustainable, ecologically, and sustainable way.


  1. Use environmentally friendly products, such as shampoo, soaps, and detergents.

  2. Reduce the use of plastics onboard and store waste properly and carefully so you don’t throw anything overboard.

  3. Reduce fuel consumption … If you put the candles, even better! 😊

  4. When anchoring make sure not to damage the seabed, take into account the areas of marine fauna and be kind to sea creatures

  5. Try to keep the volume moderate. Excess noise can affect some very sensitive species!

  6. If you are a fishing lover, respect the rules of “green fishing” to reduce the impact on the aquatic environment.

  7. If you like swimming or rowing, you can avoid the outboard motor but, if it seems too much, even if you are one of the most athletic 😉… maybe you will try to use new engine models with less ecological effect.