Dear reader, this time we are taking you to Italy. You are probably wondering where to exactly? Venice? Rome? Sicily? Maybe Napoli? The answer is: Sardinia.

Buongiorno Italia, Buongiorno Maria!

You will catch yourself singing this song in the middle of the breathtaking beaches of Sardinia.

Sardinia is much more than an Island with crystal clear waters, is a place where you can discover a hidden part of the Italian culture that we don’t usually hear about.

Visiting the different towns and cities of Sardinia such as Alghero or Cagliari, will give you the feeling of traveling back in time, way back, to the middle Ages.

In addition to the historical side, the island is full of magnificent natural spots such as Grotta del Bue Marino that you can visit on a private boat and enjoy your next sailing experience with us!

Grotte Del Bue Marino

If swimming is one of your favorite things to do, Sardinia is the right place for you.

You will find yourself surrounded by fine sand and clear turquoise waters that will blow your mind away such as the beaches of Santa Teresa Gallura, Porto Cervo, Palau, Azachena…and much more.

More than all of that, let me give you some reasons why Sardinia should be your next destination.


Climate of Sardinia:

The good weather of Sardinia is one of the reasons why it became an extremely attractive destination, especially for travelers interested in enjoying the sea.

Sardinia has warm temperatures and it is hot even in spring and autumn.


What to eat in Sardinia:

Pizza Napoletana

You say Italy, you hear food. Well, in Sardinia as well you can enjoy your vacation on a boat with a big slice of pizza in your hand or maybe some good pasta. In Sardinia, you will find food for every mood.


The beautiful beaches of Sardinia:

The Mediterranean beaches of Sardinia will take your heart from the first time. Plus, you can find all types of beaches, ones with not many people around, others with people around. You get to choose!

Now, let me talk to you about some places to visit in Sardinia:


Maddalena Island:

Spalmatore beach in La Maddalena island, Sardinia

The archipelago of la Maddalena is a must when visiting Sardinia. It is one of the most incredible places of the island where you can get tanned.

Arriving to la Maddalena is not easy, that’s why the best option for you would be travelling with HostandBoat, the problem of transportation is solved!



Cala Goloritze

Goloritze is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches of all Italy with blue water that will not require adding any filters to the pictures you will take there.

Looks promising, right? Book your accommodation now in Goloritze with us!




A nice town, 40 km away from the capital of Sardinia, the beautiful Cagliari. It is known for its lovely calm beaches as well, and definitely worth visiting. The best option to discover Teulada is on a boat. Welcome on board with HostandBoat!


If you are interested in discovering more charming destinations, don’t hesitate to enter our website and our blog in order to perfectly plan your next holidays.