Blue Economy is a notion that courage us to save our seas and blue sources. In essence, it aims to manage and protect our seas and marine life in a sustainable way, including public participation in decision-making processes.

For this, it advocates that both current and future generations should take “blue” actions in a coordinated manner.

How to take “Blue” actions?


We need to be responsible for our actions and the way we are choosing. We need to reduce the use of plastic. One of the biggest reasons for sea pollution is plastic.

Another big cause of pollution is from transportation. It is recommended to travel by train and boat to reduce our carbon foot print and cause less damage.


At HostandBoat we offer many destinations away from crowds that you can enjoy with your family and friends, protecting both yourself and environment!


Who Should Apply the Blue Economy?

Blue Economy acts as a framework and policy for sustainable marine economic activities.


The European Union’s proposed strategic blue growth focuses on emerging innovations and concepts that have a low environmental impact while also taking into account the social connections needed for sustainable practices.


At HostandBoat we aim to spread sustainable tourism all over the world maintaining our social activities with less carbon foot print!

How to maintain our social activities on the sea and be sustainable?

To protect our sea, we need to look for sustainable tourism that we are fully responsible of our economic, social, and environmental impacts. Sustainable tourism involves many aspects such as transportation.

As HostandBoat we offer a sustainable and safe tourism lessening our damage and caring our environment.

Adopting little steps into our life can change a lot of things in the sea life.


At HostandBoat we have more than 10000 accommodations in the sea in more than 120 destinations.

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