Sustainable tourism by definition is a tourism that takes into account full responsibility of economic, social and environmental impacts.

It is also the responsibility of visitors as well as host communities.

Sustainable tourism involves many aspects such transportation for example.

In this blog we will talk to you about how to achieve a sustainable tourism and be a sustainable traveler.

How to travel ecofriendly: Avoid airplanes

In order to decrease carbon footprint, it is better to avoid planes while traveling.

Many people recommend visiting places by train or boat.

The service offered by Hostandboat for boat vacations encourages eco-sustainable trips, since they have the lowest carbon footprint in the tourism segment.

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How to protect the environment: Say no to plastic

One of the top reasons of sea pollution is thrown plastic at the heart of the oceans including bags and bottles.

In order to be a sustainable traveler, the less plastic you use, the better it will be to protect the environment.

Hostandboat promotes the development of sustainable behavior and habits with the care of the environment, the responsible consumption of water, the preservation of the oceans, the use of renewable energies and a healthy life in harmony with nature.

Now, for your next holidays with The Airbnb of the boats, would you use plastic less? I think you would!

How to support sustainability: Be a real support to the locals

Sustainability has the social impact as well, and by buying homemade crafts from locals, you will be directly supporting the economy and participating in it.

What not to do: Never buy wildlife products

One of the most popular things that tourists do is buying wildlife products, such as sea shells or a handmade hat made of animals’ fur.

This behavior is to be avoided while traveling for sure.


Sustainable tourism is the responsibility of all of us.

Us at hostandboat, we want to ensure that your next holidays on board with us will be 100% ecofriendly and sustainable.

At Hostandboat, our clients experience life on board in a direct and experiential way on boats that have solar panels, optimize the use of fresh water in daily washing, do not throw any inorganic elements into the oceans and move using the wind.

The impact of this experience produces an awareness that gives rise to new consumption habits seeking their adoption in daily life, improving people’s relationship with the environment and developing commitment to the problem of climate change.


Additionally, the tourism promoted by HostandBoat has a high impact on the Blue Economy, especially because it encourages the development of healthy marine ecosystems as well as promotes the economy of Small Island developing states (SIDS) since these make up an important portion of the travel destinations promoted by HostandBoat.


Adopting these sustainable practices in our day to day life and while travelling will help us participate in saving our world.

At hostandboat we dispose of more than 10000 accommodations in the sea in more than 120 destinations.


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