The Bahamas is a special place in the Caribbean and known the world over. It is an archipelago of more than 700 islands, although only 24 are inhabited. It is said to have been a haven for pirates, as it was easy to hide among so many islands.

It’s a wonderful place to visit by private boat, as it allows you to move between the islands in complete freedom. The best time to visit is the dry season, which lasts from December to June, because the rest of the year is a season of considerable rain.


Before we start telling you which places or visits not to miss, there is a curiosity about the origin of the name that will leave you speechless. It is said that the name was given by Christopher Columbus when he arrived in El Salvador. He considered that the islands didn’t have much to offer because their waters were shallow, they had “low seas”. The accent of the British, who arrived in the archipelago later, distorted the name into Bahamas.

Nassaau, the capital of the archipelago

It is considered the starting point par excellence of the islands. It is the most densely populated place, in fact 70% of the island.

It was founded by the English in the mid-17th century and named Charles Town after King Charles II of England.

We recommend 4 visits – of the many that you could do – in this capital. Firstly, the Queen’s Stairs. It is a wonderful place that is 60 metres above sea level. You will be fascinated by the views from the lookout point. Also located in Fort Fincastle, another interesting visit.

The Pirates of Nassau Museum is also a must if you like adventure and want to learn about the history of the archipelago and there is a fun interactive exhibition!

Finally, we recommend the Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, a beautiful colonial-style church with black walls.

The latter is not a visit in itself, but it is very interesting. The Bahamas is also known for being one of the best destinations for duty-free shopping, so make the most of your trip and pick up souvenirs from both local shops and internationally known brands.



It is the largest island of the archipelago and a paradise for those who want to enjoy outdoor leisure activities: diving, fishing, nature, forests…
Its coastline has the third largest coral reef in the world, so the island’s underwater fauna is exceptional.



New Providence is often recommended, but its beaches are more crowded with tourists from all over the world.
Surfer’s Beach is the second best surfing beach in the world, but it’s in the Atlantic, so the water will be colder than the Caribbean!

Another of our recommendations is Ten Bay Beach. It’s beautiful and its soft white sand is lapped by a crystal clear turquoise sea. Ideal for lounging in the Caribbean sun and sunbathing in a gorgeous, tranquil spot.
Poponi Beach is less accessible from land, so the boat is again the best option. It’s one of the best beaches in the Bahamas and one of the least crowded. Its waters are home to a reef teeming with marine life, so we recommend diving or snorkelling off this beach.


Exumas: Pig Island

Also in the Bahamas, this will undoubtedly be one of the most fun activities… Swimming with pigs in the Caribbean Sea! Who would have thought it?
There are several theories that try to explain why this island is inhabited only by pigs, whether they survived a shipwreck, whether they swam there, whether some sailors left them there and never picked them up? Be that as it may, it is a highly entertaining plan and a must if you visit the Bahamas.

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