It’s hard to visit Andalucía and not fall in love with its wonderful beaches. On the occasion of Andalucía Day, we will present to you in the next following lines, some of the best beaches not only of Andalucía, but of all Spain.

Beaches of Almeria

When talking about beautiful beaches in Andalucia, is necessary to mention the beaches of Almeria, who never disappoint its visitors. Do you want to discover these beaches? Keep reading!

Beach of Los Muertos

The meaning of the name of this beach is: The beach of the dead. Sounds scary right? Well, don’t let the name deceives you, because this is one of the most stunning beaches of Almeria.

Spending a day on a boat in this beach will be the best option for you! And don’t forget to bring food and drinks, because there is no service there, just you and nature.

Beach of Los Genoveses

Los Genoveses is one of the nicest beaches of the natural park of Gabo de Gata. Not very far from the town of San Jose, just few minutes away, you will find yourself in the middle of this beauty. But, just like the case of Los Muertos, don’t expect any facilities.

Beach of El Playazo

3km away from Rodalquilar, you can find one of the prettiest beaches of Almeria, El Playazo.

Its fine golden sand, its crystalline water and its shore make El Playazo an ideal beach to go on board on family vacations.

Beaches of Malaga

Malaga as well dispose of one of the most beautiful beaches, from which we can mention the following:

Beach of Maro

The beach of Maro is located in the natural park of Alcantilados. This lovely beach is a natural spot of crystal clear waters surrounded by rocks! Also, is a great place for a sailing experience with us!

Beach of Calahonda

Unlike other beaches, this one is equipped with all the necessary facilities.

In addition, visiting this beach will allow you both to enjoy the sea in Costa del Sol as well as the historic center of Nerja, it’s your choice!

Beaches of Cadiz

Talking about beaches in Andalucia and not mention the beaches of Cadiz? That is not possible! Here are some of the nicest beaches of the beautiful Cadiz:

Beach of Bolonia

There is no word other than heaven can describe the beauty of this beach! With its fine white sands and its clear blue waters.

The beach of Bolonia should be on your list when visiting Costa de la luz, maybe on board!


Beach of los Alemanes

Another heaven on earth, is the beach of los Alemanes! Crystal clear cold water that revives your soul!

However, reaching this beach is a bit difficult because of the closeness of the mountain. But, good news are facilities are provided due to the proximity of the town of Zahara de los Atunes.


So, is your next destination with us will be Andalucia? I think so!

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