Covid-19 made life hard for everybody. Made us unable to reunite with our beloved ones, friends, lovers and family.

Travelling to celebrate the reunion with the family has become one of the top reasons people are planning trips nowadays.

Celebrating the happiness of being with your beloved ones may need a bit of planning from you, especially in the difficult conditions we live in.

In the following lines we will present to you some destinations where to celebrate your reunion with your family and your beloved ones.

Go on board with your family

What else is better than a calm family vacation on a private boat where you can enjoy the sea, the sun and have some quality time? You should consider this option as it allows you to create amazing memories with your family as well as it gives a great experience.

In addition, during these difficult times of the pandemic, travelling by boat can be a safe option for you and your family as it gives you the freedom to be on your own without the need to interact with other people.

Where to go on board

Now you are probably asking where to go for your next sailing experience to celebrate the happy feelings of reuniting with your family again, right? The answer is in the following lines, keep reading!


Ibiza is one of the most beautiful romantic islands of Spain that can be a great spot for family vacation.

Also, is a great place to rent a private boat and just discover the beautiful island.

Check the following link to know more about our trips in Ibiza:


Always in Spain, another lovely island for your next trip with family would be: Mallorca.

Mallorca is a very beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea that will steal your heart from the first time.

This link will speak better than words, take a look!

New York

Maybe you want to take your family and go far away from all the routine that the daily life is making you live? New York is a good idea to do that.

New York surely is different than any other destination, as it allows you to have all type of experiences, starting from discovering history, going by its modern life and ending by its coastlines.

This link that I am advising you to visit, will give you some insights!


Another beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea is Sardinia.

Imagine yourself at the heart of Italy, enjoying food, music, sun, sea and celebrating the unconditional love of family.

What else one can ask for?

Check this link to know more about this charming bride:

So, what is your favorite destination to celebrate your reunion with the family?

Tell us and let us take you there!


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