Sometimes life gets us stuck in the routine of work and home that we don’t find time to enjoy a little vacation.


Workcation could be the perfect solution for you when you want to get things done and enjoy holidays at the same time, especially in the current situation.


What is a workcation: A Working Vacation

A Workcation is a vacation where you take a break not from work but from the workplace.


You work remotely, get work done and at the same time you enjoy your little vacation.


You can have your workcation with now!

When is the perfect time for a workcation: Now


There is no more perfect time for a workcation than now!


The current situation of the pandemic, made work done remotely away from the workplace.


So, you can easily take your computer and go for some unforgettable experiences on board!

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Where to get a workcation: Airbnb of the boats


The best way to work and relax at the same time would be in the middle of the sea!


You can go for some unforgettable sailing holidays while still getting your work done perfectly!


With we can guarantee a perfect workcation experience full of fun, sun, sea and love!


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We all deserve to disconnect from the routine and find new ways to enjoy life!


The sea is calling to give you this feeling, respond to it!


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