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SINCE 845 US$ / day
SINCE 845 US$ / day
SINCE 845 US$ / day
SINCE 845 US$ / day
SINCE 845 US$ / day
SINCE 845 US$ / day
Guests 6 Guests
Cabins 3 Cabins
Beds 3 Beds
Sleep in Sleep in: Yes
About the experience

The architecture of these Montenegrin coastal cities transports to the Middle Ages, with a 'stari grad' (old town) often walled and narrow alleys that invite you to get lost. What to see in Montenegro? What to do in Montenegro? The closest to the Croatian border is Herceg Novi, founded in the s. XIII. Small citadels, tiny islands and rugged landscapes, Montenegro, the "most beautiful union of land and sea". The Adriatic coast has some small jewels that have nothing to envy to Dubrovnik, the (already) massified fortified city in southern Croatia. The architecture of these coastal Montenegrin cities transports the Middle Ages, with a 'stari grad' often walled and narrow alleys that invite you to get lost. The closest to the Croatian border is Herceg Novi, founded in the s. XIII. Its strengths and its clock tower are two of its main charms. Kotor is the treasure of the bay and UNESCO heritage since 1979. It is impossible to walk around its citadel embedded in the mountain without evoking Venice, a sensation that makes a lot of sense: for almost four hundred years the metropolis and its surrounding cities, which make up the Bay of Kotor. If there is a sun destination in the country, that is Budva. The city that the British writer Rebecca West once defined as "a little white turtle against the blue sea" is often compared to Dubrovnik because of its 'stari grad', protected by medieval bastions overlooking the sea. Budva is the city that treasures the best-known beaches. To the south, the two kilometers of sand of Bečići have made it the most sought after by bathers, while Jaz Beach, to the north, is a quieter place that gained fame thanks to the open-air concerts given by groups such as Rolling Stones or Madonna. Other popular beaches are Velika Plaza, which with its 12 kilometers is the largest in the Balkans, and Petrovac, on the coast of Budva, thanks to its turquoise waters and its rustic settlements of the ancient city. The best option for a comfortable and safe navigation and complete vacations! Our experienced captains are a real treasure that will make your vacation more relaxed. Save your valuable time and energy, since the captain will plan all the necessary details of the route, carry out the climatic conditions, the mooring, the anchoring, the customs procedure, so that you can enjoy without stress. You will be satisfied with the captain who, with his experience and local knowledge, will be in charge of the daily operation of the boat.

About the Host

All our boats are based in Herceg Novi and we offer an easy start and finishing point. Hiring your own sailboat provides you with a unique way to see Montenegro coast. It is perfect for you whether you want to enjoy travelling with your family and friends, or you want to experience the adventure and participate in a regatta with our experienced and awarded skipper. Let us help you make your trip unforgetable!

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Experience details
Guests Max. 6 Guests
Cabins Cabins: 3
Beds Beds: 3
Bathrooms Bathrooms: 1
Sleep in Sleep in: Yes
Min days Min. days: 5
Check in Check in: 18:00
Check out Check in: 09:00
Boat Equipment
Bed Sheets
Hot water
Smoking allowed
Kids friendly
Pets allowed
Power socket
Audio system
Air conditioning
Kitchen equipement
Microwave oven
Bimini top
Solar panels
Wind generator
Free parking
Boat safety
Smoke detector
CO detector
First aid kit
Fire extinguisher
Life raftr
Safety equipment
Stand up paddle
Included in the price
  • Dinghy: included
  • Skipper: included
  • Fuel: included
  • Marina fee: not included
  • Meals: not included

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