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10 Days Sailing Azores
10 Days Sailing Azores
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10 Days Sailing Azores

Destination: Azores

Our Meeting Point in Azores is in Sao Miguel, the largest island of the Azores archipelago, at the harbor of Ponta Delgada for 10-days cruise and discovery of this magnificent group of islands. The safety rules will be laid out and a briefing will be done to ensure that the cruise is going well. Afterwards you will discuss the route you want to take depending on the weather conditions we decide where to go or what to do. Thanks to this cruise you will be able to taste the freedom to live on a sailboat, to be able to move around the islands without packing and unpacking constantly and to follow what the weather, the local events and the activities can offer you. The adventure!  What to see in Azores? You will leave Sao Miguel for a discovery cruise of the islands. You will start with the island of Terceira, island of the celebration, which offers a multitude of possible outings during the summer but also walks to discover a historical and natural heritage. Then you can then reach the volcanic island of Sao Jorge with its steep cliffs and lush panoramas or the island of Pico that takes its name from the volcano that dominates, the landscape is ideal for hiking in the nature. Then you will sail towards Faial, known as the Blue Island, due to the many hydrangeas that bloom during the summer and then sail back to São Miguel. What to do in Azores? Throughout this cruise you can do various activities such as snorkeling, stand-up paddle, fishing and hiking ... The cruise will end with a return to the harbor of Ponta Delgada.

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