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Boat rental Ubatuba
Boat rental Ubatuba
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Boat rental Ubatuba

Destination: Ubatuba

Come and see the most beautiful city on the coast of São Paulo in the best possible way: on board a sailboat!

You board at Saco da Ribeira, at Marina Timoneiro, with all the comfort of a pier for boarding and parking place for your car. We will then go on a tour of the Ubatuba region, visiting the beautiful Anchieta Island, visiting the State Park, ruins of the old prison, landing on the beautiful beaches of the island such as Praia do Sul, Praia do Prison, Praia do Engenho, Praia do Leste, etc ... other destinations can be: Flamengo Beach, 7 Fontes Beach, Domingas Dias Beach, Lázaro Beach, Fortaleza Beach, and many other beautiful beaches in the region.

We will sail according to the availability of wind for the day and the crew can have a little experience commanding the sailboat, with instructions from the commander. After tour, return to the marina and landing.

The boat is a 38ft with plenty of space and comfort to receive up to 6 people very quietly.

Guests 6 Guests
Cabins 3 Cabins
Beds 6 Beds
Sleep in Sleep in: No