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Live aboard yacht charter Fiji
Live aboard yacht charter Fiji
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Live aboard yacht charter Fiji

Destination: Fidji Islands

The boat  is a big  Catamaran. It can be your very own floating paradise, away from it all. It truly is the perfect place to relax, unwind and recharge while we sail you to the most stunning locations in Fiji.

For a private live aboard charter, there are 4 double cabins (3 double beds and 1 bunk bed setup)

Sailing, snorkelling, fishing, surfing, scuba diving, dolphin and whale watching, bird watching, island hopping and village tours are just some of many activities available to you.

The itinerary is up to you! 

She  is very spacious and stable, making for a comfortable experience.

There is a chef on board, ready to cater to your specific taste. Let us know what type of cuisine you enjoy and it will be prepared for you. You could also leave it a suprise and enjoy the local flavours.

If you stay onboard for a week or more, we are able to do long range trips to places where not many tourists lay their eyes on. Some of these include Kadavu, Lau group and Taveuni.



Guests 8 Guests
Cabins 4 Cabins
Beds 4 Beds
Sleep in Sleep in: Yes