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About us

HostandBoat is a contact platform that links travelers looking for a different experience, with hosts who live on board, sail, know their area perfectly and are willing to share their life experience with their guests.

The Captains of HostandBoat, we are not only skippers who steer the boats. We are true sailors with years of experience in the sea, we made life on board, our Philosophy, and we opened the entrance hatches to share it with you.

HostandBoat is the convergence of professional experiences, miles navigated by Silvina Reyes and Jorge Gonzalez. And it is the conjunction of corporate know-how and marine expertise.

Silvina has a great professional career in large companies such as Xerox, Uol, Telecom, Garbarino, and after 12 years of experience at OCA she retired two years ago as its Commercial Director. She is one of the pioneers and experts in Argentine e-commerce, and she has been for several years Director and Treasurer of the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce and was a speaker at many conferences in the Americas on this matter.

Jorge has been sailing since he was born and has been doing it professionally for almost fifteen years. He croosed the Atlantic Ocean five times, being one of them alone, he taught sailing courses at the Kennedy University, he made several dozen ocean clinics in South America, the Caribbean and Europe. And he was Captain of the Fleur de Passion, the largest sailing ship in Switzerland, in the Patagonia Argentina stretch, Strait of Magellan, Chile. It is at the root of his vast nautical career (See more) he provides the realization of oceanic and transoceanic clinics through his website

Since last year we decided to live aboard (See more) a sailboat in Ilha Grande, Angra dos Reis, Brazil, where our daughter shares her time between school, diving, stand up paddle, beach and discovering new friends, giving her a life healthy in contact with nature.

And from this paradise, we do our job, gathering travelers with Captains, showing that there is another way to travel and take vacations, another way to enjoy life. This year we have been sailing from Athens to Rio de Janeiro, conducting ocean clinics our Odara sailboat in 5 seas of Europe and the Atlantic Ocean and above all enjoying and sharing with many people this great journey.

Welcome aboard!