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Sailing yacht Bahia
Sailing yacht Bahia
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Sailing yacht Bahia

Destination: Salvador de Bahía

This is a script designed to relax. Seven days sailing through some of the main points of the Bahia coast. Departing from the Modelo Market, in Salvador, passing by the island of Itaparica, Morro de São Paulo, and ending with Camamu. A week to explore the most beautiful and charming corners of this enchanting coast. We will get to know the most charming places, getting in touch with its people, its cuisine, with the musicality of its drums, its rhythms and mysteries. A shore full of stories and surprises. This proposed roadmap should be taken into account as a suggestion. That is, within it it is possible to have some flexibility to decide together which places are worth more time to spend more or less time. For example, it is possible to spend a few days in Salvador before leaving for other places. Or, it is possible to leave before Salvador, to spend more time discovering the bucolic and quiet corners of the bay of Camamu ... It all depends on what the crew intends to see and do. Decisions are taken together with the skipper, in front of a nautical chart of the region to better visualize the possibilities available.

Guests 4 Guests
Cabins 2 Cabins
Beds 4 Beds
Sleep in Sleep in: Yes