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Destination: Bali - Komodo

Located in the middle of the Indonesian archipelago in the Flores Sea, Komodo National Park consists of the three large islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar, and many more smaller ones. As a result of volcanic activity, the unique geology of Komodo National Park Islands offers stunning scenery above and below water. The islands feature a dramatic wild savannah landscape with patches of forest, white and pinky sandy beaches, blue lagoons teeming with fish and some of the most spectacular underwater sceneries in the world. Here there is both possibility to dive, trekking and discover local culture. Perfect place to do your first diving experience.

Route 6 days. Day 1. Sebayor island. Day 2. Gili Lawa Laut – Gili Lawa darat. Day 3. Makassar strait. Day 4.  Tetawa Besar – Tetawa Kecil – Siaba Island. Day 5.  Pantai Merah – Batu Tiga – Rinca. Day 6. Departure day

Route 8 days Day 1. Sebayor island. Day 2. Gili Lawa Laut. Day 3. Gili Lawa Darat. Day 4. Makassar strait. Day 5.  Tetawa Besar – Tetawa Kecil – Siaba Island. Day 6.  Komodo Island – Pantai Merah – Batu Tiga. Day 7.  Pulau Rinca. Day 8. Departure day

Inclusions Full board accommodation, Diving (up to 4 dives per day). As a general rule there is one dive on arrival day (check dive) and no diving on departure day, Dive Guide, Dive on last day depending on flight, Missed dives cannot beclaimed for a reimbursement. Land and/or shore excursions according to  program/itinerary. Snacks, soft drinks, water, tea, coffee, espresso. Weights and weight belts. Pick up and drop off to embarkation/disembarkation Hotel or Airport. Government taxes.Administration/port clearance fee. Welcome drink. Laundry (2 pcs/day). Fishing activity (based on possibility to do in certain areas). Kayak activity.  Fuel Surcharge up to 5 hours navigation per day.

Guests 10 Guests
Cabins 4 Cabins
Beds 7 Beds
Sleep in Sleep in: Yes