10 Best Tips to for Visit Split

We were sailing for two months in Croatia and visited Biograd na Moru, Trogir, the 7 Kastelas, Split, the islands of the Dalmatian coast and Dubrovnik. It is the perfect place to go sailing, since the distances are very small and there are many places to visit. All are accessed from the water, therefore sailing in Croatia is a MUST as your vacation time yields more ..

Today we share some recommendations and photos of Split.

➡ You can visit in two days.
➡️The best tour of the Diocecliano Palace. Whoever was emperor of Rome in 305 AD and when he abdicated went to live in Split, Flor de Castillo was built. He even brought sphinxes from Egypt to decorate his humble home.

visit split hostandboat

➡️Its old center and having a coffee on its waterfront full of palm trees is very chic
➡️To get lucky you have to touch the big toe of Grgrur Ninski.

tips split hostandboat

➡️You can not miss going to Trogir on the bus nro. 37 that happens every 20 minutes, they get off at the last stop. It takes about 50 minutes, you’re always sitting and the ride is very nice as it goes through all the Kastelas
➡️Try the plasticada in the kanobas, a rich local dish. Exquisite!
➡ You can communicate in English, the Croatian for us was indecipherable.
➡️The weather is very friendly, it rains almost nothing
➡️The islands of the Dalmatian coast are the most. Braca, Havar, Miljet, Korcula, Vis (here the movie Mamma Mia II was filmed), we covered them all with the ship.

korcula hostandboat

➡️As in most Croatian cities, you will find castles, forts and cathedrals. The area boasts having been set design for the series Game of Thrones

On the Bus there is free wi fi. If they need they can buy a tourist card in kiosks, eye that some can not be recharged.

After crossing it, we returned to the boat that we had left in Marina Kastela and we put bow to the Islands of this incredibly blue sea.

Plan your sailing holidays in Croatia here, you do not need to have previous experience. If you already know how to sail you can also rent a boat without a crew.