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Malta: a Mediterranean gem

Written on 30 January, 2021 in Yacht Charter

Malta is a small archipelago in the Mediterranean known the world over for its climate, architecture, cuisine and beaches, making the republic a great place to get away from it all and unwind. Malta is located south of Italy and close to Tunisia, right between tectonic plates. It is a very special location in the...

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Discover Roatan, a paradise in Honduras

Written on 26 January, 2021 in Caribbean

Roatan is an island in Honduras. It is the largest of the Bay Islands. Currently, it is on all the lists of the best beaches in the world, competing with paradises around the world. Since 2008 it is considered Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Beaches Roatan has a tropical climate all year round, which makes...

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Seaside movie destinations

Written on 23 January, 2021 in Caribbean

If there is something besides traveling that brings generations together, it’s movies. And at HostandBoat we are lovers of the audiovisual world, especially if the sea plays an important role in them. Today we will travel around the world through movies, and maybe even help you organize your next vacation! From movie classics to musicals....

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Cyclades Islands tour: Greece by boat

Written on 18 January, 2021 in Yacht Charter

Greece is, was and will be a historical place full of magic and history. That is why the country has a special magnetism that attracts tourists from all over the world, especially interested in ancient history and mythology. In Europe, it was the cradle of science, politics, art… of western civilization in general. For all...

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Curiosities of the Caribbean Sea

Written on 17 January, 2021 in Uncategorized

1. Also known as the Sea of the Antillas. The Caribbean Sea is also known worldwide as the Antillas Sea because it lies between the south and west of the Antillean arc. It is one of the largest seas in the world. The deepest area is the Cayman Islands trench, which is over 7,000 metres...

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San Blas, Panama- A Caribbean paradise

Written on 2 January, 2021 in Caribbean

Today we come to talk to you about San Blas, one of the most beautiful corners of the Caribbean. It consists of 365 small islands that belong to Panama. They are also known as the Guna Yala archipelago. In total there are 51 communities that are self-governing, which means that the traditions and culture of...

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