Greece is, was and will be a historical place full of magic and history. That is why the country has a special magnetism that attracts tourists from all over the world, especially interested in ancient history and mythology. In Europe, it was the cradle of science, politics, art… of western civilization in general. For all this, it has hundreds and hundreds of sites to visit.

For a perfect vacation and for everyone to enjoy the experience to the fullest, you have to organize a route so that you don’t miss a spot, and that’s what we bring today: a route around the Cyclades Islands!

They are an archipelago of more than 200 islands, located in the Aegean Sea. It is one of the most visited places of all grace, as it has a leisure offer for all tastes: history, nature, dream coves, big and small villages, crowded beaches, deserted beaches…


Lavrion – Kea (Ceos)

Lavrion, located on the island of Lemnos. It is the starting point of our journey. This place was famous in antiquity for the silver mines, so it was a key city for the capital of Ancient Greece, Athens. At the time it housed a mint that was a must for the Athenians.

From there we set off to Kea, a short boat ride from Lavrion.


Kea(Ceos) – Syros

Kea, also known as Ceos, is an island very close to Athens. In fact, it is not just a tourist destination: the Athenians themselves, who have this paradise less than an hour away by boat.

Ceos is an island full of hills and has a slightly drier climate than usual in Greece, despite its location.

Its beaches are exceptional. Especially the beaches of Corisia, Gialiskari or Pisses. There the sunsets are spectacular.

Other essential visits are to the Lion of Loulis, a 6 meter sculpture made of granite that is one of the main attractions of the destination, and the ruins of the temple of Apollo and Athena or the Archaeological Museum, which will allow you to understand the civilization of Ancient Greece first hand.

The next destination is Syros.


Syros – Mykonos

Syros, or the island of Siros, is located in the center of the archipelago. Its landscape is very complete, because it has mountain areas but at the same time plains and cultivation areas.

It is a very special site because, according to archaeological remains, it was already an inhabited island in the Neolithic, which makes the historical and archaeological richness of the island exceptional. That is why we recommend again a visit to the Archaeological Museum… it is the perfect place to learn about the island!

From here we sail to Mykonos.


Mykonos – Paros

It is one of the most famous places in the whole country. They call it “the Greek pearl of the Mediterranean”.

According to Greek mythology, the island was named Mykonos, the name of the son of Apollo. (a sec that sounds strange to me) They also say that the giants that Heracles defeated were buried on this island.

Its beaches are of soft and fine sand and transparent and calm waters, idyllic. It is also a good leisure destination both by day and by night, as there is an atmosphere all day long.

The capital is Chora, a must on this island.


Paros – Serifos

We continue sailing to Paros, the third largest island of the whole archipelago which is also located in the middle of it.

Like the others, it also enjoys centuries of history.

This island has many small coves and two bays, Naussa and Parikia. The beaches, which are paradisiacal, are very famous and attract both national and international tourists. It is ideal if you want a break from the trip in a quiet but beautiful and unique place.


Serifos – Kythnos

Another place loaded with mythology. Here is the Cyclops Cave. There are also very particular rocks whose shape seems human, which bring to mind the myths of Medusa.

Everyone agrees that the beaches of the island are magnificent. A clear example is Koutalas and Sikamia. Not only because of the quality of the beaches, but also because the atmosphere is very attractive and magnetic.


Kythnos – Lavrion 

To finish the route we arrive at the last destination, from where we will return to the starting point. We are talking about the island of Kythnos, also known as Citnos, a cozy island that contains more than 70 beaches bathed by the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. The incredible thing about this island is that it is a little explored paradise, even though it is close to the most populated Cyclades Islands.

Many of its beaches are not accessible by road, which makes them even more intimate, so we have to walk or anchor the boat to enjoy a day of diving and sunshine with truly indescribable views. What stands out from this island is the crescent-shaped isthmus that we can find on its shores. But besides being beautiful on the outside, the island of Kythnos hides archaeological sites, museums and an unexplored cave that can be the place for a perfect adventure, the cave Katafiki, in Driopida, one of the largest in Greece. The main town of the island started out as Termia, although it is now known by the same name as the island, because of the thermal springs in the northeastern part of the island, according to what they say, with curative properties! Without a doubt, an island that keeps many secrets and magical corners for all those who dare to discover them


To visit the archipelago, the ideal transport is by boat. To many islands it is practically the only form of access, and even more if you want to visit some place more hidden or less massified by tourism.

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