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Komodo Island: The diamond of Indonesia

Written on 23 March, 2021 in Yacht Charter

As we all know, Indonesia is very famous for its magnificent islands, but Komodo Islands are literally one of the best ones that Indonesia has to offer. Only one hour flight from Bali, you will find yourself at the heart of this beauty. Today we will walk you through this treasure called Komodo, and we...

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Galapagos: The dreamy heaven of South America!

Written on 10 March, 2021 in Yacht Charter

The Galapagos Islands are literally the best islands in South America that you should definitely consider visiting! These islands are the perfect destination for nature, beach and animals lovers. You will have access to great beaches, breathtaking natural spots and get to meet different lovely animals. In the Galapagos there are many things you can...

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5 Famous Women Sailor’s Around the World

Written on 8 March, 2021 in On board diary

Sailing can seem like a male dominated sport but if you take a look at it women, since the beginning the women have been fighting against the existing barriers. They made their roads following their own route and made histories on their way onto the world’s greatest ships.   In honour of International Women’s day,...

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Travel to celebrate family! Sail with us in the Airbnb of the Boats!

Covid-19 made life hard for everybody. Made us unable to reunite with our beloved ones, friends, lovers and family. Travelling to celebrate the reunion with the family has become one of the top reasons people are planning trips nowadays. Celebrating the happiness of being with your beloved ones may need a bit of planning from...

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