Dear reader, are you tired of the routine of the Urban life? Are you sick of the unhealthy, crowded and polluted air of the day to day life in the city?

Don’t worry, today we are offering you the best solution: Urban detox holidays.
There are many beautiful destinations around the world where you can be relaxed and away from the annoying life of the city.

We will recommend you in the following lines, some of the best destinations to visit in order to have Urban Detox holidays! You want to know them? Keep reading!

Galapagos Islands: Your happy place

The Galapagos Islands are considered as one of the most relaxing islands on earth.

They have calm, mesmerizing and charming beaches where you can just relax and enjoy your sailing holidays away from all the routine.

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Greek islands: Your dreamy experience

As we all know, Greek islands are one of the most famous islands around the world. They are famous for their breathtaking turquoise water and their happy vibe.

Going on a vacation in a Greek island makes you really feel like you are on a vacation.

One of the best ways to discover a Greek island is on a boat. You can have a tour in the islands away from people, and have a date with the sea.

Come with us, we will take you to Greece!


Komodo Island: The Dragon Island

Never heard of this little hidden heaven in Indonesia?

This one is a must when thinking of going far from the city and its vibe.

This island is surely different from any other island. With its big lizard and beautiful pink beach where you can wake up on a boat and watch the sunrise.

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How to enjoy the Caribbean Sea: Roatan Island

Located at the heart of the Caribbean Sea, there is a beautiful pearl called Roatan.

Roatan could be the best option for your Urban Detox holidays, as it has lovely relaxing crystal clear water that could be the best place for your next sailing holidays!

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Where to escape from big countries: Fiji!

Fiji is a small country with more than 300 islands, the thing that will give you more than one option to enjoy this little beautiful country and have your Urban detox holidays.


Two Spanish paradises: Ibiza and Formentera

These two Spanish paradises are also one of the best places for your escape from the city. The sea, the weather, the vibe…etc. everything is just perfect for your holidays.

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What was your best destinations? Write us!

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There are many other destinations to escape the day to day life and enjoy your vacation, check our website to discover more destinations!