Sailing holidays, when your time yields more!

Today we tell you why when you decide to take a vacation on a sailboat, you make the most of your time of rest and enjoyment with family or friends.

Vacations on a sailboat is a unique experience for several reasons, but today we are going to refer to time, since we all want to optimize it.

When you stay in a sailboat, to know and travel Angra dos Reis, Croatia, Aruba, Ibiza or Greece, the first advantage is that being on board, you are already immersed in paradise. Not two blocks away, not in front of the sea, but within its green, blue or turquoise waters, so much so that you can take a dip even before breakfast (something highly recommended for your health!).

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When you stay on land, in the traditional way, there are three moments of the day, in which you lose a very valuable time of your vacation.

* In the morning, when you have to go to breakfast and then look for a transfer or taxi (starting at 9 or 10hs) to take you to that beach they recommended, and arrive mid-morning when it is already half full.

* At noon, where you have to stop, get together and return to the hotel, apartment or restaurant for lunch.

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* In the afternoon, when you have to take the transport back, which usually ends at 5 or 6 pm, often cutting the afternoon just before sunset.

Let’s suppose that a family or a group of friends does everything very quickly, and it takes barely an hour to leave the hotel, boarding and transportation; one more hour of interruption to go to lunch; and only another hour to get together and face the return to the afternoon. And suppose that same group sleeps eight hours, and performs activities during the other sixteen.


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In that case, those three hours lost, represent almost 20% of the daily time of enjoyment!

Staying on board, you enjoy your rest without thinking about transfers, hotel changes, arming and disarming luggage, or find a restaurant every day.

The ship has everything! It is accommodation with a view to the sea 24 hours a day, it is a luxury transport sailing, it is a la carte restaurant of your choice, it is a privileged box and a trampoline on the beaches that you choose!

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When you embark, you put the clothes in the closet of your cabin, fill the refrigerator with the food and drinks you want, and you can forget everything and devote yourself to enjoy. You decide in which bay, beach or cove to spend the night and dawn. Each one can do what interests him most without having to subject himself to the times of the group.

Take advantage of the days from start to finish. Those of us who like to get up early, swimming or diving at the beginning of the day, when the movement has not yet begun, that time when the turtles and the fish are still visible.

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And those who enjoy the starry nights on the deck, contemplating the sky from an exclusive box.

The days on board a boat are relaxed, and everyone finds their space and favorite activity. While some swim or dive, others walk on the white sand or paddle on a stand-up paddle, and others prefer to sunbathe or read a book. And everything that is done, from dawn to starry night, is in the middle of the natural scenery chosen every day.

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In all the destinations of Hostandboat, during the summer season, the weather is similar. The mornings are usually very calm, and as the sun begins to warm, the wind begins to blow. So our Captains, knowing the area, take advantage of the breeze to sail every day to a new bay, transforming the transfers in pleasant sailings.

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Feeling the wind in the face and in the sails, moving forward with no more noise than the water that opens before our prow and returning to feel part of Nature, is an incredible experience in itself. To approach navigating a bay, to begin to distinguish its geography and its landscape, and to choose the exact place where to throw the anchor, is an unrivaled privilege.


When you travel, your time of rest and enjoyment is very valuable. Try the experience of taking Vacations on Sailboat, and make your time yield more.

Because there are paradises on Earth, which are best enjoyed from the sea.