Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands, a biosecure destination, with zero cases of covid-19. The Province of Galapagos is one of the 24 provinces that make up the Republic of Ecuador. It is located 1000 km from the coast of continental Ecuador. Its territory is made up of the Archipelago of Colón.


What can we do in the Galapagos Islands?

1- Darwin & Wolf Islands. Islands

A beautiful place for those who love turtles and the story of lonely George. It has a wonderful beach to rest and spend the afternoon. A good overview and it is also free.




2- El Chato Reserve. 1,905. Natural landscapes

Beautiful place to visit the turtles in their natural state, you can also observe birds




3- South Plaza Island


When touring it, in addition to seeing its fauna, its iguanas, birds, and sea lions, there are beautiful views of the sea with its cliffs


4- Galapagos Beach at Tortuga Bay


It is a beautiful beach with sea lions, iguanas, white sand and a divine sea. It is not for the beach plan but rather to know nature



5- The Loberia

Islote Caamaño is the name of a small island in the Galapagos archipelago in the South American country of Ecuador. It constitutes a marine reserve to the south of the largest island of Santa Cruz and to the northwest of Santa Fe Island



6 -Galapagos National Park

The Galapagos National Park is a national park of Ecuador. It was founded in 1959 and became the first national park in the country. It covers some 7,995.4 km², 97% of the land area of ​​the Galapagos Islands considered by experts and scientists as the best preserved volcanic archipelago in the world



7- Las Grietas

Las Grietas es una formación rocosa volcánica y área de entretenimiento acuático ubicado en la isla Santa Cruz, islas Galápagos, Ecuador. Se encuentra al sur de la isla, al oeste de bahía Academia, a 3 km de Puerto Ayora.​